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Care Policies 

Privacy and Dignity 

All staff members are trained to strive to preserve and maintain the dignity, individuality and privacy of all service users within a warm and caring atmosphere and in so doing will be sensitive to the service users ever changing needs. 


Religion (Worship/attendance of services) 

Service users attending services away from the premises will need to be accompanied by their own relatives or staff by arrangement. 
Services users have the rights to meet the clergy of their chosen denomination at any time. If required, a private room will be made available for such meetings or you can use your own bedroom. 
We have a visiting church clergy who come every month for services. You also have the right to refuse attendance according to your own personal beliefs 

Contact with Family and Friends 

Services users family and friends are encouraged to visit regularly and maintain contact by letter or telephone when visiting is not possible. In these cases staff will offer to assist the service user to respond where help may be needed. There may be certain circumstances where visitors are not allowed, please see the Home Manager for specifics. 
Visitors will be welcomed at all reasonable times and asked to let the Person in Charge know of their arrival and departure from the home. For security and fire reasons, visitors must sign in and out in the visitors book at each reception area, on each occasion. 


At the time when the service users life nears the end, the family will be given respect and support from the staff and management. All avenues will be exhausted to ensure the family are contacted as soon as possible and given details of the service users condition by following the Home's Protocol. We would ask that you always let us know any changes to contact details such as telephone numbers and address, with an alternative number such as extended family or close family friend. Family and friends are invited to visit and stay with the service user throughout this period of time and will be welcome to have a meal and snacks along with beverages of their choice. 


If as a service user, relative or visitor you feel there is cause for complaint, you should first discuss this matter with the person in charge of the service users care. If the matter is in your opinion a serious one or if you remain dissatisfied, you can put your complaint in writing to the Home Manager who will record the complaint and take the necessary action according to our policy which can be found in each service users bedroom, in the information folder. The General Manager will aim to investigate and contact you with the result of the investigation within 28 days. 
If after this investigation you are still not satisfied or you feel that the complaint is of a serious nature and you wish to speak to an Inspecting Officer, then you should contact the Care Inspectorate Wales Office or the Social Work department of the local council being Newport, Torfaen or Caerphilly. Details of the Care Inspectorate Wales area office are displayed within the entrance to the Home or within our Complaints Policy. 


Activities are on a one to one basis or in a group setting according to the needs of the service user. We actively encourage external outings and each week service users are given the opportunity to go shopping, visit a garden centre, theatre or other scenic places.  


The Home has a telephone which can be used by service users for incoming calls. It can also be used for outgoing calls at a nominal fee. 
Service users can have their own personal telephone fitted in their room, which is at the expense of the service user. 


Smoking & Alcohol 

In line with Government Legislation, the Home became non-smoking in all internal areas and the surroundings grounds. 
Alcohol is not permitted unless discussed on an individual basis with the person in charge of your care and documented accordingly. Some medication is adversely effected by alcohol and a risk assessment will be undertaken if specifically required. 

Fire Safety 

The Home has a modern Fire Alarm Safety System fitted, with ‘Fire Exit Notices’ and ‘Fire Emergency Instruction Notices’ displayed at strategic points throughout the Home as advised by the local fire department. On hearing the fire alarm, visitors should go immediately to the designated meeting point displayed on the sign in your area. Service Users will be guided by the staff caring for them. There is an individual risk assessment for each service user placed in the nurses office or senior station giving staff details of each service users individual needs. 

Care Plan Review 

Once developed with the help of the service user and family/ advocate, the care plan will need to be reviewed as appropriate and signed. Changes in the needs of the service user will result in an immediate review of the care plan by qualified or senior care staff as necessary. 
Family and relatives will be encouraged to participate in the planning of the care plan and in particular supply detailed information about the services users past and present, including childhood and any particular information that can make the service user's stay with us more enjoyable and settled. 
We always involve the service user in their care plan. 

Leaving or Temporarily Vacating 

If a person wishes to be discharged from the Home, then a 4 week notice must be given of this intention or 4 weeks fees paid in lieu of notice, after which time it is expected that all belongings are removed from the Home. Should belongings not be removed by the end of the notice period, a storage charge will be made which will be equivalent to 50% of the weekly fee charged. The first four weeks of admission shall be regarded as a probationary period for the benefit of the service user and Tregwilym Lodge. If the service user decides to leave during this probationary period, seven days notice is required. 

Monitoring and Quality 

Within the Home there is an audit system in place to ensure that close monitoring is maintained on all of the Home's services, care delivery and procedures. Attention to detail is pivotal to everything that we do. 
An important part of our quality programme is to involve the service users and their relatives. We regularly ask for comments on the Home, the staff and the services we provide. 


Whilst we acknowledge that many people have pets for company during their lifetime and that they may wish to bring an animal with them when they move, the management has a responsibility to all service users with regard to Health and Safety . Also there needs to be consideration to the choice of animal brought into the Home. This is not to say we do not permit pets. The General Manager will, however, treat each case individually on need and the amount of pets already at the Home. The Home has a Pet Policy. 
Menus will be varied and favourite dishes and special diets can be catered for. Service users are encouraged to eat in the dining room but may also eat in their own room if this is their personal choice. 
Snacks, tea, coffee, other hot drinks and cordial drinks are served and available 24 hours a day. 
The chef is available to discuss individual needs with each service user if they so wish. Family are welcome to join the service user for meals at a nominal charge and should speak to the person in charge of the service user's care if they so wish. 
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